20 thoughts on “Un- Beatable

  1. Susie, I’m thinking regardless of size, it can be found if he needs to! ;)

    Me too Subbie..it made me smile!

    Sky, I think (?) that there is a check off box at the bottom of each post that says “Notify me of new posts via email.” and if you check that, you’ll be ‘following’. I use Google Reader. Have ever looked into that?

    Thanks Grace.

    No runnig here either D!

  2. Problem is a large glass of wine tastes so much the better after exercise.And you can’t have a glass of wine without a packet of peanuts.

    And so it goes on….
    And the rot sets in…

    I must be made of fickle stuff.Sarah,LD,UK

  3. Wow…you WOULD notice that Golde! :)

    Nice to see your smiling face Mick! ;)

    Sarah…wine after excercise? Tsk…try a Cosmopolitan!

    Thanks Daisy

    Glad to provide the giggle Kiwi!

  4. Thank you so much for having the courage to write about the whole story. It’s that completeness that makes your experiences so uniquely helpful to others, not only in a DD sense but in the commitment you and Grant both have to finding the way forward even when the road seems unpassable.

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