43 thoughts on “News on Sara

  1. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. While every case is usually somewhat different, many of us understand some of the challenges involved. May the blessings you folks receive each day … Be the ones you need the most.

  2. Thank you for the update! I have been praying for Sara and I will continue to pray for a speedy recovery. Thoughts and Prayers, Lucy

  3. Wonderful news! Thanks so much for letting us know, Grant. I continue to keep both of you in my thoughts and prayers. :)

  4. I haven’t checked in on my fave blogs in ages so was completely shocked when I read about Sara’s news. Thank you Grant, for taking the time to let us all know and please know that you are both in my thoughts.

  5. Thank you for letting us know how, Sara, is doing. I think about her often. I hope she’s feeling better soon.


  6. Thank you so much for posting, Grant. Sara has been in my thoughts and prayers and I was starting to get concerned. Please give her my best wishes for a speedy recovery and I am looking forward to hearing from her when she is ready

  7. That is wonderful news Grant. Thank you for keeping us informed. My thought are with you both. Please say hello and give Sara a big hug from me.


  8. There’s no rush.And it’s so kind of you to keep us in the loop.Hope she has got plenty of good books on the go.Sarah,LD,UK

  9. Please tell Sara that she is missed. I am praying for her and you and the boys. I know whe is tough and a fighter. I miss her very much – Blondie

  10. Hi, Grant, thank you so much for letting us know. I have been praying for Sara, and for yourself, it must be so difficult for you, having to be strong for her…. I was wondering how things were going, and am glad the surgery was a success; I pray she will recover fully and quickly. Thank you for being her rock. I know she really appreciates your love and support. The love and respect you both have for each other shines through this blog. Please tell Sara we love and miss her, and her insightful writing and will wait as long as we have to for her to be fully recovered before she even thinks of writing again.
    Love, prayers, and hugs, Daisy xxx

  11. Let the healing begin! I’m so glad this part is over with. Thanks so much for the update, Grant. I have checked frequently and it was a great relief to hear Sara is on the path to ‘better’.

  12. No new postings since March,2013? Is ‘Finding Sara” still updating? Healthwise is all going ok? Coral63

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