He Thinks He’s Funny

Have i created a spanko monster? Grant went out to run some errands this morning and came back with this small token of his affection….and world view!


“Very funny!” I smiled with him. “And just what am I supposed to do with THAT?” He finds it not only amusing, but also factual! he thinks I should leave it out in our kitchen in Florida. “Why not? It’s actually kind of true, isn’t it? If more mothers and grandmothers were spanked, the world would be a better place!” :shock:

28 thoughts on “He Thinks He’s Funny

  1. Morning ! Yes, leave it in a prominant place.Everyone will take note.And I’ve got my eye on an iconic British ‘Keep Calm and Carry on Spanking ‘ sign that would make a tasteful addition.Never mind this ‘Keep Calm and carry on ‘ malarkey….let’s get down to the things that keep a house in ORDER Sarah,LD,UK

  2. Why is it that once the men in our lives become HoHs ( or active again ) that they ‘think’ they find their funny bones?
    You know Sara, you can always store it the other way around with a plant on top. He didn’t say *how* you are to leave it out did he ?


    PS, Grant- Grandmothers are *supposed* to spoil, that is in their job description…sheeesh!

  3. Elisa, he’s not naughty he’s incorrigible!

    Cat, It’s kinda scary when your vanilla husband turns strawberry swirl, ya know?

    “Keep a house in ORDER”?!? Sarah, you’ve been drinking the Koolaid!

    Roz, you could just be right.

    KayLynn, I’m not agreeing to one more scheme…we have 12 on our waiting list already!;)

    Willie, it’s already artfully camouflaged! :)

  4. Seen this one many times and agree wholeheartedly. I can see the not so distant future when we will have grandkids and this will be a recurring theme at our house.

    Grant is just looking ahead. He’s a visionary.

  5. Sarah, “wee drams of whiskey”, “Burns Night”…there’s NO WAY your new blog is going to be boring!

    As you’re already a grandma, I’d certainly NOT mention it Abby!

    Mick, I have never seen this sign before. I think he’s envisioning trying to catch me when I’m 82. I plan on giving him a run for his $ ! :)

    It makes life interesting that there’s always that possiblity Saoirse !

    SNP :)

  6. Well…..it is probably true – I am going to spoil any grandkids I get like there is no tomorrow, but I am willing to bet that that Ian is worse than me – time will tell I guess.
    And…I’ll bet that no one will spank Grampy :)

    sigh…..I really want Grand kiddies some day :)

  7. I’ve seen that before and laughed, but I would NOT want it in my house! So, he wants you to leave it out in the kitchen in FL, huh? Does he want a cheese board or pizza paddle nearby as well, maybe a container on the counter holding some wooden spoons, too? Sorry, I actually find it pretty amusing, but only because it’s not my husband who brought it home! Good luck Sara! ;)

  8. Dee, glad you enjoyed his joke!

    Lillie, I want them too, and I do plan to spoil them. I’ll just have to figure out when Gramps isn’t looking! ;) (Besides, he’ll be worse than I am!!!)

    Grace, Ugh… we have a wooden spoon and spatula holder in all our kitchens. He’s a chef after all!

    Lucy, he does enjoy his own jokes!

    MEN indeed, Kay!

  9. Zoe, it’s funny how funny our men think spanking is. I wonder if they’d have the same humor if THEY were the one getting spanked?

    Ronnie, it IS on display for now. It might somehow disappear…who knows what happens to these things?

    Oh Susie, he has a sign. His Florida mug says “The Boss”!

    Thanks Mark!

    Several large spoons Mr BB, sadly! :(

    Thank Grant Bea! ;)

    I’m not even going to comtemplate what sort of converation that sign could lead to FD…which why it needs to get lost, very lost!

  10. Oddly, I am looking forward to being a “spanked grandma”. H and I have many conversations about the fact that we will never stop this spanking thing we do.
    We just hope we can find a nursing home that will allow him the privilege! ;-D

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